Our Mission: To create an atmosphere where young adults & singles can come together, fellowship and intermingle without compromising our core Christian values. Our Vision: • Create a forum where we can come together, fellowship and have fun with one another, while manifesting God’s glory in all we do • Aid in the personal development of singles (i.e. spiritually, professionally, courtship) in transitioning to the next phase in life o Courtship – The foundation you build prior to taking this step is what would help keep our homes intact when the storms of life comes (Matthew 7: 24-25) • Unified group where we look out for each other (being one another’s keeper, following up with other members of the ministry) Activities of the YASM include: • Monthly prayer meetings Monthly fellowship programs • Quarterly seminar* (premarital topics, career talks, courtship/dating, etc.) • Mentoring: Young Adults/Singles being mentored and Young Adults/Singles mentoring the Youths • Outreach program in supporting other ministry • YASM corner in the quarterly church magazine • Annual Young Adult/Singles Week Numerical Strength of the Ministry – 50 members Projected Number in the next 5 years – 150 members Needs of the Ministry – Financial support to help sponsor/subsidize YASM programs (e.g. RCCG YASM annual convention, guest speakers for quarterly seminars/annual YASM week, developmental programs to enhance both spiritual and personal growth, etc). Invitation to Reader – The Young Adult/Singles Ministry of RCCG House on the Rock is a vibrant group where God is manifesting His glory in the lives of our members. We invite you to come and fellowship with us and see what God is doing in our mist. Be rest assured that your life will not remain the same….God bless you! Please contact the church office at 1-972-602-8959 on week days (Mon-Fri) 9am-5pm, for information on how to reach any of the leaders of this ministry.
  • Bible Study every 3RD Thursday – 7:00 PM
  • Prayer Meeting every 1ST Tuesday - 9:30 PM