Necessitated by the numerical growth of the church and space constraints, we have had to be holding two services on Sunday mornings as a temporary measure since May of 2005. As a permanent solution, the church embarked on building its own place of worship with facilities specifically tailored to our needs. In furtherance of this vision, the church acquired and fully paid for 2.0 acre of land on 1715 Sandalwood Drive, Grand Prairie, Texas.  

On completion of our New Church building, we hold a mortgage balance of $975,000.00 and a lease balance of $150,000.00 for our Audio & Video equipment. We committed ourselves as a church to pay off the two loans by launching the Jubilee Project. We believe God to use every member, family and faithful partners within and outside our church to join us through their contributions to accomplish this great vision for God. We appreciate your contribution. As a seed, our prayer is that it will bring back to you a harvest of prosperity in body, spirit and soul in Jesus name.

We appreciate your partnership to make this a reality. To give towards the Jubilee Project, please send your tax-deductible donation to the church office at 4437 Matthew Road Grand Prairie, TX 75052, USA.

You can also make a donation online by clicking Here