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Born to be great was inspired by the author's fascination with the biographies of great men and women, predominantly Christian, who have defined and shaped the course of human history regardless of the challenges of their births, environment and history.

In this book are mind blowing revelations and truths of the factors that have significantly accounted for the greatness of the greatest race, corporation, scientist, inventor, industrialist, intellectual, athlete, entertainer, preacher, and first richest world billionaire of our generation. It may or may not surprise you that the first world richest billionaire was a devout Christian who taught Sunday school and was a church janitor! One race has won about twenty-percent of the total Nobel Prize Awards since inception. The biggest corporation in the world today was started with an equity of $5,000. These and many other facts with up to date figures and deep biblical truths for greatness in the subject  of this book. I hope and pray that as we apply the principles in this book, it will propel us to our greatest height of accomplishment in Jesus name.

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