We are Men's ministry of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, House on the Rock, a.k.a., Men of Issachar. We are a group of men who believe that you have to be born again to make heaven and looking forward to the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ to rapture His church. Our vision/mission:  To Support and sponsor other church-based events, programs and ministries and to cater for the interest of men through networking, visits, moral, financial and spiritual support in times of need.  To challenge and motivate each man to live up to the high calling of God in their lives and to be the fathers, leaders and champions that God has called us to be.  To provide opportunities for men to discover their place, ministry and be able to give back to our immediate society through live transforming outreach programs such as evangelism, visits to elderly care facilities and community-based welfare programs. Membership: Membership of the men’s ministry is open to all married men in the church and the current membership strength of the ministry stands at 180 spirit-filled men (as at August 2013). In the next five years, we expect our number to more than double and increase to about 400 men since the Lord has declared that the gates of hell will not be able to stand the growth and expansion of His church. Program/activities: Our programs of activities include evangelism, outreach ministry, seminars, meal functions and sporting/social events. We meet every 1st Sunday of the month either at the church or in our individual homes to foster and strengthen the bond of unity among the men. Leadership: The men’s ministry has Deacon Dele Awe as the minister-in-charge, while the leadership consists of:  Bro. Emmanuel Okolo – President  Bro. Peter Adossi – Vice President  Bro. Taiwo Awe – Secretary  Bro. Jude Ugbomoh – Treasurer  Bro. Lawrence Owonikoko Welfare/Social coordinator  Bro. Joseph Olawore Prayer/Outreaches coordinator Come join us: If you are new in the metropolis, just visiting or looking for a spirit-filled place of worship, we warmly invite you to join your fellow men in exciting and refreshing worship experience in the presence of the Most High God. We assure you that your life will never remain the same. Please contact the church office at 1-972-602-8959 on week days (Mon-Fri) 9am-5pm, for information on how to reach any of the leaders listed above.