The ESTHERS is a fellowship of all the women in the church. We are women of destiny, called for such a time as this. Our Vision: To be a community of believers that love and glorify God, live like Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit. To create a godly sisterhood and supportive relationship amongst the women of House on the Rock, and to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed. Our goal is to equip our women with practical tools that bring about personal growth and enrich their daily life. We aspire to consistently provide quality resources to cultivate insights and ideas, an avenue for fellowship and enduring friendships. Our Mission: We are passionate about empowering women and mothers in the local body and beyond, to initiate, nurture and sustain vibrant transformational walk with Christ, our Redeemer. To edify the body of Christ with our God given abilities, touching lives and saving souls for the kingdom of God. Partnering in God’s mission, locally and globally, equipping our members to minister and serve. Develop Godly character, encourage sound thinking, create healthy bodies, soul, spirit and persevering in prayer. Our Activity: (a) Monthly prayer meeting: 9am-11am, every 2nd Saturday of the month for prayer covering for our homes, children, families, careers, businesses, country, leadership, etc. (b) Monthly women meeting: 11am-2pm, every 3rd Saturday of the month to enhance social interaction and growth of our women in an atmosphere of fellowship and building relationships. (c) Quarterly Women’s Night Out on 2nd Friday of each month from 7pm – 9pm Our Ministry Focus: (a) Discipleship (b) Biblical solutions to social concerns (3) Women need other women. Invitation to our guest and visitor to join in the great work that God is doing through the ministry. Every woman in the church and those without a home church visiting our website are welcome to join the Good women in any of the following 4 ways: (a) Go on our church website and fill out a form to join and one of the Executives will contact you. (b) You are welcome at one of our monthly prayer meetings. (c) Come join us at our monthly meeting, announcements will be made during services. (d) Please call the church office (1-972-602-8959) Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) to join. Head of Ministry: Mrs. Nikky Adossi Minister-in-Charge: Pastor (Mrs.) Bisi Kuye